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Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Meets with Greek Cultural Minister Baltas
2016-09-07 00:55

On September 2, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli met with Greek Minister of Culture and Sports Arisidis Baltas. Political Counselor Gao Wenqi was present at the meeting.

Zou said that Prime Minister Tsipras' visit to China in July was very fruitful. Top leaders of the two countries reached the consensus to enhance the role of the Piraeus Port project as an important supporting point for the development of "One Belt and One Road", making Greece not only a gateway of China-Europe trade but also a bridge of the West and East. During the visit, the two sides signed several important cooperation agreements in cultural and humanistic areas, which would help the synchronous moving of the two wheels of the economy and culture and further enhance the foundation of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Greece. Ambassador Zou emphasized that the two sides should seize the opportunity to promote dialogues of different civilizations, with the focus on building exchange mechanisms concerning the Olympic Movement, the Marathon Movement, archaeology, film industry, as well as renowned historical and cultural cities so that cultural exchanges between the two countries could realize sustained development at a higher level.

Minister Baltas fully agreed with Ambassador Zou and expressed the willingness of the Greek government and the cultural ministry to enhance communication and cooperation with the Chinese Embassy to facilitate implementation of the consensus reached by top leaderships of the two countries. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on the specific areas and projects of cultural cooperation in the near future.

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