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Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli and Wife Attended the Spring Festival Gala Held by the Greece-China Association
2016-03-03 02:44

On February 26, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli and his wife were invited to attend the Spring Festival Gala held by the Greece-China Association. Over 300 people attended the event including Minister Kouroumblis of Interior-Administration Reconstruction, Minister Dritsas of Shipping and Island Policy, Minister of State Flambouraris, Deputy Speaker Christodoulopoulou, President Potamianos of the Greece-China Association, representatives of political parties, members of parliament, and representatives of various Greek communities.
In his address, Ambassador Zou spoke highly of China-Greece relations. He thanked the Greece-China Association for its positive role in promoting friendly cooperation between the two countries and the assistance and support of people of goodwill of various Greek communities in promoting the development of bilateral relations. A lot of changes have happened in Greece and in Europe in the past two years. As the Chinese ambassador in Greece, he has faced some completely new situation and challenges. The responsibilities are heavy. Sometimes it feels like treading on ice. Thanks to joint efforts of the two sides, important outcomes have emerged from bilateral cooperation in cultural, educational, scientific, investment and other areas. Last year the two sides successfully held the China-Greece Maritime Cooperation Year. It was the first ocean-themed cooperation year between China and a foreign country. It is worth recording in history. ELTA issued a commemorative stamp for it. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the comprehensive and strategic partnership between China and Greece. At the beginning of the year, the Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition was successfully held in Athens. Representatives of over 30 institutions of higher learning visited Greece recently. China and Greece have decided to establish a joint lab on laser technology. It is good news that COSCO has been selected as the preferred investor for the majority stakes of PCT. With expanding and deepening bilateral cooperation in the Port of Piraeus, the ancient Silk Road will demonstrate new splendor.
Ambassador Zou said that the destinies of China and Greece have never been so intertwined than today. China needs Greece, and Greece also needs China. When China and Greece join hands, the future of the world will be even brighter. There are still many deep-water zones ahead. However, we must tide them over together like passengers on the same boat.
President Potamianos of the Greece-China Association said that both Greece and China enjoy long history and splendid culture. As the bridge of friendship between the two peoples, his association would continue to play a positive role, attract the participation of more people from the younger generations, and make greater contribution to mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.
Ambassador Zou received an interview by MEGA TV station at the site of the event.