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Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli Visits the City of Aspropyrgou and Meets with Mayors of Cities Around Piraeus
2016-03-03 15:30

On February 29, Chinese Ambassador Zou Xiaoli was invited to visit the city of Aspropyrgou. He also exchanged views with mayors of Elefsina, Perama, Aspropyrgou, and Megara, as well as vice-president of the Greece-China Association and members of the City Council of Aspropyrgou on China-Greece cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation.


Ambassador Zou pointed out that Greece has always been the bridge between the East and the West. He stressed that first, China needs Greece, and Greece needs China. Greece provides an important gateway for Chinese commodities, technology, and capital to enter Europe. Expanded Chinese investment in Greece will increase local employment and economic revitalization. China-Greece cooperation is based on equality and mutual benefit. Secondly, Greece boasts a number of energetic and innovative enterprises and research institutes, high-caliber professionals and rich management expertise. The two sides can well learn from each other, complement each other and seek common development. Thirdly, Chinese enterprises, including COSCO, are willing to invest in Greece. I hope they will get more support from the Greek society and the Greek people so that they have a sound business environment.


Ambassador Zou pointed out that COSCO is also "child of Piraeus". He hoped that the growth of COSCO would be supported to make the big family of Piraeus even more prosperous. The Chinese Embassy stood ready to listen into suggestions on bilateral cooperation from local governments, social organizations, and people of Greece.

The mayors talked about their visit to China last year and thanked the Chinese Embassy again for its assistance. They said that in their visit they saw firsthand the tremendous changes happening in China and the admirable achievements in social and economic development. They wished China an even better future. They welcomed COSCO and other Chinese businesses to study investment opportunities in their cities and expand cooperation in port, ship-building, logistics, and other areas.

Before the meeting, Ambassador Zou visited GOLDAIR CARGO and other local logistics companies. Political Counsellor Mr. Xiao Yewen, Commercial Counsellor Ms. Zhou Ruojun, and PCT General Manager Mr. Fu Chengqiu attended these events.

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