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Wang Yi Meets with Responsible Officials of National Committee on U.S.-China Relations
2024-03-26 19:25

On March 26, 2024, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Chairman of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR) Evan G. Greenberg and President of the NCUSCR Stephen A. Orlins in Beijing.

Wang Yi said, in November last year, the NCUSCR together with other friendly organizations, overcame difficulties and obstacles and, in response to the common aspirations of the two peoples, held a grand welcome banquet for President Xi Jinping in San Francisco. In his speech, President Xi Jinping reviewed the history of friendly exchanges between the two peoples and stressed that the hope and foundation of China-U.S. relations lies with the people, the future lies with the youth and the vitality lies with sub-national entities. Wang Yi expressed the hope that the NCUSCR will continue to play a constructive role in strengthening exchanges between the two peoples and promoting the sound and steady development of China-U.S. relations.

Wang Yi stressed that the crux of China-U.S. relations is that the United States has positioned China as its most important strategic competitor and most important geopolitical challenge. Such misunderstanding has led to constant problems in bilateral relations, and promises made by U.S. leaders have failed to translate into concrete actions. Such a situation runs counter to the interests of the two peoples, the expectations of the international community and the trend of historical development. The United States should work with China to provide more support and facilitation for exchanges between the two peoples, enhance mutual understanding through face-to-face contacts, and stabilize, improve and advance bilateral relations.

The U.S. side said President Xi Jinping's visit to San Francisco was highly successful, setting a new tone and direction for bilateral relations between the two countries. President Xi Jinping engaged in candid communication with various sectors of the United States and announced the invitation of 50,000 young Americans to China for exchange and study over the next five years, which was warmly welcomed. The relationship between the United States and China is the most significant bilateral relationship in the world. Maintaining communication and contact to ensure that the relationship between the two countries progresses in a constructive direction is beneficial for the entire world. U.S.-China relations begin with contact, which does not mean compromise, but is the only way for the sound and correct development of bilateral relations. The NCUSCR will continue to play a positive role in promoting exchanges and contacts between the two countries.

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