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Wang Yi Meets with Foreign Minister of Malta Ian Borg
2023-11-03 23:55

On November 3, 2023, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Foreign Minister of Malta Ian Borg in Beijing.

Wang Yi said that although China and Malta are different in size and far away from each other, the two countries have a long-cherished friendship towards each other, and always understand, respect and trust each other. The two countries jointly celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, embarking on a new journey for the next 50 years. China is ready to strengthen cooperation with Malta, and set an example of international relations featuring equal treatment between countries of different sizes. The two sides should follow through on a wide range of common understandings reached by the two heads of state, enhance exchanges, deepen mutual trust, carry out high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, and promote cooperation in various fields in an in-depth and substantive manner. China and Malta both believe that the world needs solidarity and cooperation, and that they can strengthen coordination on such multilateral stages as the United Nations, enhance cooperation in responding to global challenges, and join hands in promoting the building of a human community with a shared future.

Ian Borg said that Malta attaches great importance to its relations with China, remains firmly committed to the one-China policy, and agrees with China's vision for the next-step development of relations between the two countries. Malta is committed to actively participating in Belt and Road cooperation, and holds that the initiative brings important opportunities to the world. Ian Borg said that he looks forward to attending the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, to have broad engagement with the business community, promote the entry of more high-quality products from Malta into the Chinese market, and strengthen economic and trade ties between the two countries.

The two sides had an exchange of views on China-EU relations. Wang Yi emphasized that China sees Europe as an important pole in a multi-polar world, is glad to see that Europe develops and grows, and supports Europe in strengthening strategic autonomy. China and Europe are, first and foremost, partners, and cooperation should be the main tone of China-EU relations. Wang Yi expressed the expectations that Malta will play its role as a bridge connecting China and the EU, and encourage the EU to pursue a more objective, rational and positive policy towards China.

Ian Borg said that the EU and China have wide-ranging fields of cooperation, and should view and handle possible competition and differences between the two sides from a pragmatic perspective. Malta is China's friend in Europe, and will continue to play a positive role in promoting the development of EU-China relations.

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