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International Cooperation of Science and Technology in China
2004-08-03 16:31

Since China adopted reform and open policies, its scientific and technological sector has implemented the same policy accordingly. There have been increasing cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries in this sector. Now China established cooperative relations with 150 countries and regions and signed governmental science and technology cooperation or economic and technological cooperation agreements with nearly 100 countries and regions. The non-governmental cooperation and exchanges are even more active. The Chinese Science Association and its subsidiaries have joined 244 international organizations, 293 Chinese scientists have taken the position of councilors in the international scientific and technological organizations at different periods, and 281 have taken the leadership positions in such organizations. For example, 253 scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have taken positions in such organizations. The National Natural Science Fund has signed cooperative agreements and memorandums with 36 counterparts from other countries. In 1998, there were 22,000 scientific and technological cooperation and exchange projects between China and foreign countries on a government or non-government basis, with I 07,000 personnel exchanges, 20.6 times and 12.4 times that of 1978. In the past five years, China has introduced over 400,000 foreign experts and sent nearly 200,000 personnel abroad for study. The international cooperation and exchanges have promoted export of China’s technology and its products. In 1998, China signed 2,500 technical export contracts, valued at US$ 6.69 billion, 5.4 times and 5.2 times those of 1991 respectively. As for imports, China has signed 5,984 technical import contracts in 1997, totaling US$ 15.92 billion, 16.7 times and 4.6 times those of 1991 respectively. China’s foreign cooperation and exchange have played an important role in raising China’s science and technology level as well as promoted the national economic growth.

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