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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's Remarks on Imminent Decision by Japan to Discharge Nuclear Wastewater into the Sea
2021-04-12 16:13

Q: According to reports, the Japanese government will hold a Cabinet meeting on April 13, where a formal decision is to be made to discharge nuclear wastewater harmful to marine environment from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson gave his comment on this last Friday and ROK foreign ministry officials have also urged the Japanese government to ensure information openness and transparency, conduct objective assessment based on environmental benchmarks and to maintain close communication with all stakeholders. I wonder if China has any further comment?

A: The Fukushima nuclear accident is one of the most serious in world history. The leak of large amounts of radioactive materials has had profound impact on marine environment, food safety and human health. The disposal of contaminated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant bears on global public interests and the immediate interests of neighboring countries. The issue should naturally be handled in a prudent and appropriate manner with the participation of all parties concerned to forestall further harm to marine environment, food safety and human health.

The world is watching with deep concern the upcoming decision by the Japanese side on the discharge of nuclear wastewater into the ocean, raising doubts and expressing opposition. There is also strong opposition in Japan. The Japanese side often calls on other countries to fulfill their international obligations. Now the eye of the world is on Japan. It cannot turn a deaf ear to this. The stakes are high indeed. The Japanese side should act in a responsible manner for global public interests and the interests of its own people.

To safeguard international public interests and Chinese people's health and safety, China has expressed grave concern to the Japanese side through the diplomatic channel, urging Japan to handle the issue of wastewater disposal from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in a prudent and responsible manner.

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